Greyhound Trader – Statement

Greyhound Trader has responded to the recent news regarding several positive POR samples from their most recent sale at Doncaster stadium on 1st June.

Nathan Corden said “We are shocked to hear about the positive POR samples returned from our sale at Doncaster and are currently working hard in conjunction with the GBGB , the purchasers and the vendors to find out what has happened.  I’ve been in regular contact with Duncan Gibson at the GBGB, who fills the role of Welfare & Integrity Manager, over the past few days since I was first informed of the series of positive tests.  It seems to be strange that these positives have all been returned for the exact same substance despite the fact that eight of the greyhounds have come from different vendors.  This leads to a suspicion of multiple cases of on-the-day cross-contamination emanating from a situation whereby one of the handlers who has possibly been using (on his person) eczema cream or possibly a muscle pain relief cream which has subsequently contaminated the strict on-the-day testing sample kits.  Having taken everything into consideration, we believe that this is the most likely set of circumstances which has resulted in this extremely rare occurrence.  This belief is further backed up by the fact that a number of the previously positive tested greyhounds have already had second POR tests which have returned negative.  We have been in contact with either all the impacted owners or trainers and have requested that those who have yet to undertake secondary POR samples do so at their earliest convenience.  We will continue to work closely with them in order to find a swift and acceptable solution.”

Corden continued “Having spent a lifetime in this sport, welfare and integrity is at the very forefront of everything I do and that applies equally to the new Greyhound Trader sales venture.  I firmly believe those that who know myself well will understand that to be the case and will acknowledge that nothing less than 100% effort will do when it comes to the welfare of our greyhounds and the integrity of our sport.  As stated earlier, Greyhound Trader shall continue to work tirelessly to get to the bottom of this with the individuals involved and shall provide a further update once all secondary tests have been completed and we are in a position to offer a fuller explanation to what would appear to be a very strange set of circumstances”.

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